Women’s day


I will erase the brightness of those summer memories

with the light that is waking up around me

I won’t let your language get involved in my stoicism

because you are like a copy of the original

speaking in a dead language, or more like empty of words

I cannot wait to start writing every day as a song, or a poem, or… sort of

right now the only thing that matters to me is to enjoy the warmth

that I set burning the past and getting stronger when I realize that

I am, indeed, happy today

Even the sun has come up to visit just about karma gave me something

that she is been retaining away from me for what it feels very long to me

But I can sense that I am closer, that I am bigger, that I am brighter

Because the winter is almost over and this spring is blooming in the desert of my heart

and I never expected palm trees and cherry blossoms all together

It is, perhaps, a change of an era, an epoch, a time

It is, maybe, the collection after the harvest after the toughest years

that bring the most exquisite and flavorful ambrosia

Now the land is ready to get to work on it, to nurture it, to water it

but not with tears if they have nothing to do with this joy that I feel




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